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Book Publishing

Publish a book that is indistinguishable in quality from a NYT bestseller

We are committed to publishing top-quality books that are positioned to make an incredible impact on both the career of the author and the life of the reader.

We take your book from an edited manuscript to a published eBook and paperback, and set it up to be available for purchase via all major retailers.

Considering an audiobook version as well? Not to worry; we’ve got you covered.

Book Editing

Words shine when polished.

No writer—no matter how accomplished—can see his or her own blindspots. That’s where an editing partner comes in. At Finn-Phyllis Press, it’s not just about line editing. It’s also about flow, consistency, tone, and any moment that will make the reader question, “Wait. What?” (We don’t want any of those moments!)

Good developmental editing is like putting just the right soundtrack over a movie scene. It helps the reader feel what the author is trying to convey. A full developmental edit will ensure that your message is polished and easy to follow. Even if you’re “not a writer,” our editing services will keep your secret while keeping your voice intact. (In other words, if someone reads your book and then meets you at the indie coffee shop down the street, you’ll be exactly what they expect).

Book Coaching

It’s kind of like therapy. But more fun.

Trust us, there are parts of your story you won’t remember when you sit down to write. It’s even more likely that there are parts you’ll think don’t matter (so you’ll be inclined to skip over them). But make no mistake–those are the parts where the magic lies. That’s where your reader will most strongly and undeniably identify with you (even if their life story looks nothing like yours).

Working with a book coach who can talk you through your story and help identify what stays and what goes, as well as unearth long lost details or help you see your own experience in a new way is invaluable–especially when you’re writing memoir or non-fiction.

Get the personalized guidance and direction you need to get you from blank page or book in complete limbo to a manuscript ready to be edited. Whether you need just one session to get unstuck or a package of sessions to go from first word to The End, we’re ready to help!

DIY Courses for Authors

Because Self-Publishing Can Be Simple

There is no reason that you can’t write, self-publish, and launch a book that is indistinguishable in quality from a New York Times bestseller. Through our DIY courses, we walk you through the exact process we use to write, publish, and launch our own books and those of our clients, and we leave no stone unturned.

It’s time to say goodbye to second-guessing, missteps, and unnecessarily spent dollars and hello to your life as a proudly published author!

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