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“What does a great book editor do…and what don’t they do?”

Great question, and truly understanding the role of an editor in the process is critical to most effectively partnering with this critical asset!

There are 3 main points to keep in mind when working with an editor:

1. Not many changes = Not a great sign

2. The editor/author relationship is a PARTNERSHIP

3. “I suggest that you leave this in and take this out” is direction you want to expect to receive from a developmental editor.

Overall, if you spend much time talking with me about publishing, you’ll quickly learn that one of my mantras is “Not Editing is Not an Option.” After all, if NYT bestselling authors still require editors, who is any one of us to think that we don’t!

We are each simply too close to our work to be objective about issues with flow and content, we see words that were in our head but didn’t make it to the page, or we fail to identify the instance of “there” that should be “their.”

As the author of 5 bestselling books and the editor of hundreds of manuscripts, business proposals, and website pages over the last 20+ years, I’ve discovered that there are a number of “easy edits” writers can tackle on their own before sending their manuscripts to prospective or chosen editors. There are also a number of (often overlooked) interview questions that will help an author identify the perfect editor for his or her project. I talk about both (and more) in my FREE TIP SHEET ON FINDING A GREAT EDITOR, SIMPLY CLICK HERE (NO EMAIL REQUIRED!)


If you’re ready to FINALLY get this project finished, I invite you take the next step (it’s about moving the needle just one click each day) and sign up for my FREE masterclass.

You’ll discover:

How to assess whether there is a demand for your book (aka “Will anyone want to read it?”)

– Why the notion that you aren’t a writer doesn’t matter. At all.

– How to manage your fears that someone might judge or criticize your book/story

– Exactly how to start (or keep going if you’re suffering from the dreaded “writer’s block”)


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