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What You Aren't Being Told About Traditional Publishing

There are some serious myths floating around when it comes to traditional publishing.

The top 3 reasons people think they want a traditional or "big name" publisher are:

🔷 Credibility

🔷 Book advance ("They'll pay me to write my book, right?")

🔷 Publicity and marketing help

Unfortunately, the reality in each of those areas is very different than you've been led to believe, and it's so important to understand how it really works so that you can make the best decision for getting your book into the hands of your ideal reader.

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Author Spotlight

"I could write chronologically about my life, but I didn't know how to take what I wanted to share and teach and infuse it, and take what I've learned over the years and let me voice come through."

This challenge is one of the most common I hear.

When Janet Philbin first got the idea to write her book, Show Up For Yourself, she wasn't (yet) a prolific writer. In fact, she rarely wrote at all and used her social media primarily to keep up with family and friends (even though she was a successfully practicing social worker, hypnotherapist, and healer).

Over the next few years, she found herself collecting ideas in a google doc and on random pieces of paper here and there until one day, that "I may not be ready but it's time" feeling took over.

She had a big idea that was hard to ignore, but had no idea what to do with it. 

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Author Spotlight

Does it excite you to imagine readers feeling over-served by your content?

Of course it does!

Jacqueline Hopper came to me wanting help to get her book, Becoming: A Journey to Discovering Inner Peace, written and published.

What happened along the way was so much more than she expected.

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Fear of Writing a Book

Do you want to write and publish a successful book?

Do you want to stop ditching your idea because you feel like an imposter?

And stop worrying that people may see you as a "fraud?"

In our recent video, we're talking about how to get past Imposter Syndrome.

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8 Pros and Cons of Traditional Book Publishing

So often, I hear authors ask, "How do I get a big publisher interested in my book?" By "big publisher," they mean publishing groups such as Penguin, Harper Collins, and Chronicle Books. I love this question because it allows me to dispel some myths when it comes to traditional publishing. It doesn't take long for the author to respond, "Really? I had no idea!"

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Different Types of Book Publishing

Perhaps you're at the beginning of your book writing journey, wondering how to get all 87,367 thoughts out of your head and onto the page. Or, maybe you're writing or even in the editing process and you're wondering, "What's next?"