How to Publish a Bestselling Book (Pt 3)

(Part 3 of 3: 7 Common Myths about Book Publishing)

If you missed our first video on Insider Tips for Publishing a Bestselling Book, you can watch it right here!

The second video in this series can be seen here.

In the final video in this series, I address 7 common myths when it comes to book writing and publishing (myths that too often STOP people from writing or publishing their book!)

Myth 1: Authors who self publish or publish through a small press do so because the big, traditional publishers (or the agents who pitch them) all said, “No thank you.”

Myth 2: Self-published books look…self-published. Everyone will know you aren’t with a “real” publishing house (and you’re therefore not a “real” author).

Myth 3: Word count is critical to producing a powerful book

Myth 4: Authors make more money publishing through a traditional publisher

Myth 5: Authors can’t transition to traditional publishing (if they want to) once they publish themselves or with an independent publishing house

Myth 6: Authors with traditional publishers don’t have to do their own book marketing

Myth 7: The reach authors can have and the amount of money they can make as self-published or independently published authors is limited

After watching the 3 videos in this series, do you feel more informed about the way the book publishing industry really works? Are you feeling a renewed level of motivation to get your book written or published (or both)?

If so, I’d love to one of my book writing or publishing packages is a great fit for both of us!

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