Fear of Writing a Book

How to Get Past Imposter Syndrome So Your Story Can Make an Impact

Do you want to write and publish a successful book?

Are you ready to stop ditching your idea because you feel like an imposter?

Want to stop worrying that people may see you as a “fraud?”

In our recent video, we’re talking about how to get past Imposter Syndrome.


You’ll discover:

✅ Why the thing you fear is EXACTLY what readers desperately want

✅ The four qualities that actually make you credible to readers (none is a fancy degree or established tribe of raving fans)

✅ Proof that anyone can shift his or her mindset around imposter syndrome (you’ll never guess what award I received as a high school senior)

✅ Two mindsets that set authors up for mediocrity from the get-go

✅ The TRUTH about the importance of impressive credentials

✅ The SIMPLE EXERCISE that will jumpstart your recovery from Imposter Syndrome (and it’s something you can do today!)

I’d love to hear how YOU deal with imposter syndrome in the comments!


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