Absolutely not! While we love taking a project from the start to the finish line, our greatest goal is making sure that an author can utilize whomever is best for their book project at every stage of the game. Whether we get to help you with writing, editing, publishing, launching, or all of the above, we are honored to be a part of the process to get your book out into the world!

You do! You own all rights to your work — you wrote it, after all! Whether you choose to publish differently down the road (say, if a traditional publisher comes calling), offer translation rights to a publishing house in another country, or sell film rights to your story, the rights are 100% yours to do with as you wish.

We gracefully (and gratefully) bow out at the end of the publishing process, and hope to stay connected!

Our authors retain 100% of their earnings. We believe that authors who partner with service-based publishers to get their book into the world deserve to earn every penny that’s invested into THEM by their readers.

Would it surprise you to learn that every author we know of struggles with writer’s block, imposter syndrome, and feelings of “Who’s going to want to read this?” from time to time?

In short, no, you should NOT be embarrassed. In all likelihood, writing, publishing, and launching a book aren’t the “lane” you’re most comfortable traveling in, so you just need a sherpa you trust to help you confidently travel from Point A to Point Z.

At Finn-Phyllis Press, we upload your book for distribution through Amazon and possibly Ingram Spark, depending on your needs. We work one-on-one with each client to assess their overall author goals and determine which distribution approach is best.

We’re on a bit of an audiobook craze lately ourselves, so we completely understand! We have partnered with some of the best audiobook producers in the business to help bring your audiobook to life, whenever you’re ready to embark on that process!

Developmental editing refers to full-scale editing, meaning that beyond grammatical and mechanical errors, a manuscript is edited for overall flow, tone, and consistency.

It’s extremely difficult (if not impossible) for a writer to recognize where he or she has written too much or too little about a particular experience–or possibly made a hard right turn in the narrative without realizing it.

Our mantra: if someone consumes any portion of your book, a speaking engagement, blog post, or interview and then randomly meets you on a Wednesday in a coffee shop, you should be exactly who they are expecting. This is accomplished by ensuring that your words, thoughts, lessons, and dangling participles are well-polished.

It’s a fair questions, and a couple of years ago, we would have said Yes. (We believe in complete honesty over here.) However, now that a few of us have had to cut back to half-caff or full-on decaf, we no longer judge and will welcome you with open arms into the half-caff-no-caff club.

We will also like you a lot even if you drink the higher potency versions, but we’ll be admittedly a bit envious of your energy levels.

Elizabeth greatly wanted to name one of her children Finneas. Her then-husband was not on board with that, but she was so committed to the name that she decided to incorporate it into her company name. Phyllis was the name of Elizabeth’s maternal grandmother, who was quite entrepreneurial.

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