Is there Really an ROI in Book Publishing?

How to be confident in your investment

When it comes to becoming an independently published author, have you ever wondered:

“Can I make back the investment?”

“How long will it take?”


“Is there really any ROI in book publishing?”

The respective answers are undeniably yes, it depends (not my favorite either, but stay with me), and absolutely.

There are many phenomenal books languishing on bookshelves, while there are many “questionable” books selling like gangbusters.

The difference is undeniably the author’s approach to getting the word out.

One approach I invite authors to take in order to ensure an ROI sooner (and more simply) rather than later (and in difficult fashion) is: Work With a Content Strategist

The hope that word of mouth alone is enough is one that I encourage no author to maintain.

Word of mouth via big groups is another story, but those placements are often far more difficult to get if you don’t already have a relationship with the group’s founder (a great reason to establish genuine relationships with like-minded people with a large audience that includes many of your ideal readers long before your book comes out!).

In such a saturated world, every author has to be relentless about letting their ideal reader know that his or her book exists and can help.

Sometimes, authors work with publicists who vow to get their book promoted through major media outlets, but I find that those approaches are quite short-lived in their success.

After all, the news cycle flips every six seconds. It’s fun to say, “My book was featured on,” (as Finn-Phyllis Press author Frank Lopes’ book was), and the credibility that comes from it is undeniable.

But it doesn’t sell books in the long term.

If the reader doesn’t truly understand what your book is about (and hear about it more than once), they’ll hear about another must-have read they’ll be off to buy instead.

An approach I’ve found to be far more effective when it comes to long-term awareness of and sales of books (and the author’s other services, such as consulting, speaking, or coaching) is working with an experienced content strategist.

This person knows how to utilize SEO, write content that speaks to your ideal reader (if you aren’t writing your own content, which is another topic altogether), place that content in appropriate locations, and do more than just “throw things against the wall and see what sticks.”

They know which platforms to be most present on (IG versus FB versus TikTok), and can save you a lot of time when it comes to creating reels, posts, stories, etc. that grow your following and your relationships with ideal readers.

They also have strategies for sharing your content in ways that help you grow your email list, which provides you with an endless way to communicate with those people.

In the end, your book probably won’t be the be-all-end-all solution for a reader; it will only mark the starting point of someone’s journey with you.

Therefore, it’s critical that you write a SOLID book in order to properly introduce yourself.

Do you worry about getting an ROI on your book? Post your comments below, or share them over in our amazing, supportive (free) Facebook group!

Are you thinking about ROI but haven’t finished writing your book yet? I get it. I’m a classic “18-carts-before-the-horse” girl.

But in all honesty, stop thinking about ROI (for right now), and get that book finished (or started)!

If you’re stuck, take 49 minutes and dive into my latest FREE book writing masterclass. Because remember, someone out there is waiting for precisely your words and they can’t wait to put your book in their shopping cart. But if you’re so focused on title and/or cover design that you never finish writing, it won’t matter! 😉


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