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First of all, congratulations on being ready to publish! Truth: Writing the book is the most challenging part, and you did it! we hope you properly celebrated with cupcakes or skydiving or swimming with dolphins (or all three). 

We bet you’re now wondering “How the heck do I get it out there?”

You’ve never published a book, and crawling under a blanket of nails sounds more appealing than trying to figure out the correct step-by-step without spending unnecessary money or doing things you don’t need to do.

Getting your book into the world doesn’t have to be complicated.

The biggest differences between Finn-Phyllis Press and other service-based publishers are:

  • We retain ZERO rights to our authors’ work.
  • We collect ZERO book royalties on the back end (all book earnings go directly into the author’s bank account). We produce and publish a New York Times bestseller quality book, and leave the author to reap the rewards!
  • We work closely with our authors to provide a long-term, partnership-level experience.

Our Process

We take charge of every step required to take a manuscript from fully edited to available for purchase.

This includes:

– Book’s back cover copy written by Elizabeth Lyons

– Cover design for eBook and trade paperback

– Interior formatting for eBook and paperback

– Use of Finn-Phyllis Press ISBNs for eBook and paperback

– ISBN assignment and registration with Bowker (US ISBN agency)

– Barcode for back cover of book

– Full upload to KDP (and IngramSpark, if desired), including properly formatted book description and strategic keyword selection

– Online access to Elizabeth’s proven 12-day book launch course, From Manuscript to Market ($497 value)

– You retain ALL rights, and every cent of your earnings is deposited directly into your bank account. None of your book royalties pass through Finn-Phyllis Press!

Would you prefer to work with a ghostwriter? We can help! We work with seasoned ghostwriters to produce professional, authentic manuscripts that reflect the author’s tone, style, and expertise. Please contact us to discuss your specific ghostwriting needs.

Publishing Cost

Finn-Phyllis Press operates under an author-contribution model. This means that our authors make an investment to have a professional cover design, interior formatting, ISBNs assigned for both eBook and paperback versions of their book, and full upload to Amazon (and, when applicable, IngramSpark) for distribution.

When necessary, we can also partner with you as your editor to get your manuscript polished and positioned to make the greatest impact possible.

What we don’t do is hold your book hostage on the backend. You will own ALL RIGHTS to your work, and 100% of your monthly royalties go directly into our your bank account, not ours.

Whenever authors want to purchase copies of their book at their true author pricing (no markup from us), they can order them quickly and easily via their own Amazon or IngramSpark portal.

In the end, our goal is the same as yours: to help you get your book written, published, and to market where you have full control over its ability to make the impact it’s destined to make.

Publishing packages starting at $5500

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Would you rather DIY?

We love DIY in every form, so it only makes sense that we’d offer a do-it-yourself option for publishing. We show you, step-by-step, exactly how to publish a top-quality, impactful book you will be proud to share for years to come! To learn more about that option, click here.

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