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Book Coaching

The Process

As a book coach, I most help to facilitate the development of a book concept by compassionately guiding authors from “Where the heck do I start?” (or “Why the heck am I stuck?”) to a thoughtful and intentional first draft. In other cases, authors have a solid first draft, but they’ve been advised (perhaps by an agent or a beta readers group) that something is “missing” or that the manuscript could be more fully developed. When this happens, an objective eye combined with present listening can unearth the content necessary to fill the open hole.

Having coached hundreds of authors through various stages of their manuscript-writing process–from blank page to “It’s almost ready; it just needs a tweak or two,” the tweaks we collectively identify during a session are among my favorite moments.

Coaching Cost

Because some authors need just one coaching session, while others need three, seven (or more), I offer 1-hour sessions on an as needed basis.

Session cost: $250

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