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The Process

Finn-Phyllis Press founder, Elizabeth Lyons, coaches aspiring authors through the book writing process via the Book Writing Accelerator, an intimate, 12-week group coaching program that:

– Positions you as the GO-TO expert in your field so you can attract ideal readers and clients who devour your book and are a HECK YES to working with you

– Helps you stand out in your area of expertise by showcasing your unique signature process—the one that gets your readers where they want to be without making the mistakes most others make

– Speaks directly to the heads and hearts of your ideal readers so that they’re inspired to take action and implement what they’ve learned (and view you as a catalyst for their transformation)

– Allows you to raise your prices, develop unshakeable confidence around the value you bring, and only work with soulmate clients who light you up!

To learn more about the unique approach that has allowed her to help hundreds of authors get their manuscripts (finally) written, or to apply for a spot in the next session, click here.

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