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Author Spotlight

"I could write chronologically about my life, but I didn't know how to take what I wanted to share and teach and infuse it, and take what I've learned over the years and let me voice come through."

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Author Spotlight

Does it excite you to imagine readers feeling over-served by your content? Jacqueline Hopper shows how she did just that through her latest book...

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Fear of Writing a Book

Do you want to write and publish a successful book? Do you want to stop ditching your idea because you feel like an imposter? And stop worrying that people may see you as a "fraud?" Today's post is about getting past Imposter Syndrome.

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8 Pros and Cons of Traditional Book Publishing

So often, I hear authors ask, "How do I get a big publisher interested in my book?" By "big publisher," they mean publishing groups such as Penguin, Harper Collins, and Chronicle Books. I love this question because it allows me to dispel some myths when it comes to traditional publishing.