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Author Spotlight

Does it excite you to imagine readers feeling over-served by your content?

Of course it does!

Jacqueline Hopper came to me wanting help to get her book, Becoming: A Journey to Discovering Inner Peace, written and published.

What happened along the way was so much more than she expected.

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Fear of Writing a Book

Do you want to write and publish a successful book?

Do you want to stop ditching your idea because you feel like an imposter?

And stop worrying that people may see you as a "fraud?"

In our recent video, we're talking about how to get past Imposter Syndrome.

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8 Pros and Cons of Traditional Book Publishing

So often, I hear authors ask, "How do I get a big publisher interested in my book?" By "big publisher," they mean publishing groups such as Penguin, Harper Collins, and Chronicle Books. I love this question because it allows me to dispel some myths when it comes to traditional publishing. It doesn't take long for the author to respond, "Really? I had no idea!"

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Different Types of Book Publishing

Perhaps you're at the beginning of your book writing journey, wondering how to get all 87,367 thoughts out of your head and onto the page. Or, maybe you're writing or even in the editing process and you're wondering, "What's next?"

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Book Writing Roadblocks

"Elizabeth, it's your job to get people really excited about their story." A prospective client said this to me one day while we were on a call chatting about whether or not my coaching program or book writing bootcamp is a good fit for her. After considering her statement, I came to the conclusion that that isn't my job. If it were, I'd be out of luck, because you've already done my job for me! The challenge isn't that you aren't excited enough about your story. And the challenge isn't that you're too busy. This is what the challenge is...(and this is how to solve it).

What to Expect When Writing a Book

What to Expect When Writing a Book

There are a lot of things you can expect when you're writing a book: excitement, confusion, pride, frustration, and awe. Something many don't expect? A show-stopper (and not the good kind). It never fails. And, as much as I'm trying not to use words like "always" and "never," in this case, it's absolutely justified. Maybe you've figured out how to build a business from scratch. Or, you've gotten out of a toxic relationship. Or, you've completely reversed the high blood pressure you've had for two decades. Or, you discovered how to reduce, reuse, and recycle to the point that you no longer need a weekly trash service. Whatever it is, you're going to be elated that you worked through all of the challenges that came with it. You scraped and clawed and got knocked over and stood back up. And now you're ready to let others know how they can do the same. But then...

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Signs that You’re Meant to Write a Book

What I'm about to say may come across as unkind, and I wish there were a better way to say it. Put bluntly, "waiting on a sign" is ridiculous. And, to be clear, I've waited on "signs" myself. It was ridiculous. When we make those kinds of statements, we're squashing every ounce of our own power. We're making a powerful decision to keep playing small. We're ensuring that we remain stagnant.