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Janet Philbin, author of Show Up For Yourself: A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness

“I could write chronologically about my life, but I didn’t know how to take what I wanted to share and teach and infuse it, and take what I’ve learned over the years and let me voice come through.”

-Janet Philbin

This challenge is one of the most common I hear.

When Janet Philbin first got the idea to write her book, Show Up For Yourself, she wasn’t (yet) a prolific writer. In fact, she rarely wrote at all and used her social media primarily to keep up with family and friends (even though she was a successfully practicing social worker, hypnotherapist, and healer).

Over the next few years, she found herself collecting ideas in a google doc and on random pieces of paper here and there until one day, that “I may not be ready but it’s time” feeling took over.

She had a big idea that was hard to ignore, but had no idea what to do with it. 

Armed with little more than “a thousand different google documents” and a desire to organize her thoughts and experiences into something tangible that could help others, she contacted me and within just a few months, we got her book written, edited, and published.

It’s gone on to serve as the basis for book clubs (the latest being in Egypt!), be featured as a top journaling resource by HGTV, and bring her new clients from all over the world.

In this interview, Janet reveals:

💥 How she developed and became confident in her own unique methodology while writing the book

💥 The biggest lesson that came from owning her expertise and how it became one of her favorite aspects of coaching her clients.

💥 The benefit of hiring a writing coach, for the book and in terms of booking more clients

💥 How working together positively affected her in ways she didn’t imagine or expect

💥 The promise I made her at the beginning (and how it really turned out)



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