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Jacqueline Hopper, author of Becoming: A Journey to Discovering Inner Peace

Does it excite you to imagine readers feeling over-served by your content?

Of course it does!

Jacqueline Hopper came to me wanting help to get her book, Becoming: A Journey to Discovering Inner Peace, written and published.

What happened along the way was so much more than she expected.

And that’s a reaction I LOVE to hear…

…because I know it’s the same one you’re hoping for from your readers.

In this interview, we chatted about:

💥 The most unexpected response she received from her readers

💥 The part of book writing she most resisted—and how it became the greatest gift

💥 The exciting, less-often-considered (yet predictable for anyone) ROI she received from writing her book

💥 Her foolproof trick for feeling into any investment to determine if it’s the right one for her (tip: you can easily incorporate this into your own life!)

Writing a book is one of most vulnerable and healing things you’ll ever do. Jacqueline proved once again the truth of that statement, and it was such an honor to work with her.



Instagram: @jacquelinehopper

Facebook: @psychicempowermentcoach

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